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Biarritz & Basque Country - The Market Les Halles and its typical restaurants Biarritz Hotel

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The Market Les Halles and its typical restaurants

The legendary food market Les Halles is a real institution of local life where shopkeepers claim “Authenticity & Savoir-Faire”. The belly of Biarritz invites you to discover a multitude of products that will make your mouth water at the aperitif time!
From the fish market to the central market with its flower shops, greengrocer’s, cheese shops, butcher’s, delis, poultry shops, baker’s and last but not the least gourmet shops – a true paradise for food lovers.

Just a short walk away from the lively food market Les Halles where sunlit terraces of the restaurants welcome you as a “local”. Our favourite: “Chistera & Coquillages ” – just the right place for tapas, pintxos and conviviality.